Get to Know Precious Gems

A wealth of experience collecting, buying and selling unique minerals and gemstones for over 20 years.

All of our minerals have been hand-picked from our own sources in the Himalaya Mountains. Each and every specimen is precious in it's own way. Selected and extracted direct from the mine for it's inherent beauty.

Over the past decade Precious Gems has built up a huge stock of rare and unique minerals and raw crystal specimens. More recently we have added original silver jewellery designed to compliment our range of cut and polished stones.

If are interested in Crystal Healing, Geology or just want to own a beautiful, natural and unique object, look out for Precious Gems at events and exhibitions across the UK and Europe. You'll find all the upcoming dates on our Facebook page.

We take special care in hand selecting precious gemstones, healing crystals, minerals and jewellery of the finest quality.

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Wholesale gemstones, crystals, minerals and jewellery to suit your budget. Precious Gems offer generous discounts for our trade customers and huge savings on bulk purchases.